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Contact Lenses and Children

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Last month we learned about the importance of eye exams for children and got a peek into the history of Dr. Metzger (check out her cute Kindergarten picture with her first pair of glasses!). Like many children, Dr. Gates was so excited to get her first pair of glasses in 5th grade. But then it turned into the year she also got braces, and suddenly it was not so fun anymore. Fast-forward to the 8th grade, when her mother agreed she was responsible enough for contact lenses. THIS is what really lived up to the hype for Dr. Gates! Clear vision, nothing on her face, ability to play soccer easier, and better peripheral vision. Maybe you are wondering if contact lenses are right for your child? At Visionary Eye Care, we offer contact lens fittings for any child who is ready. This should be a decision made between the doctor, parent, and child. Dr. Gates has fit contact lenses on babies who needed them due to congenital cataracts, so any age is possible, but typically 4th-5th grade or older works well. Contact Dr. Gates and Dr. Metzger today for an appointment and we will patiently walk your child through the contact lens fitting process. Thank you for reading!

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